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Diesel Now Automated Stored Diesel Fuel Filtration Systems.

Diesel Now was established in January 2012 in response to the need to raise awareness that the current blends of Diesel Fuel break down and become contaminated much faster than the "older" Diesels with high sulphur levels.

Water (condensate) is always present in the Stored Diesel Fuel Tanks and this provides an ideal breeding ground for microorganism growth, which can result in sludge and accelerated corrosion of tanks and pipe work.

This accelerated ageing of diesel fuels is the major cause of backup diesel power generators not starting, or not continuing to run when most needed

Diesel Now aims to;

Educate all maintenance, engineering and management personnel on the importance of ensuring that stored diesel fuel is always clean and dry and ready for any power failure or emergency.
Assist customers in identifying the presence of contamination of their bulk stored diesel fuel and then assessing the type and amount of contaminants that need to be removed.
Provide suitable equipment and systems to safely and effectively restore diesel fuel to its optimum quality and maintain this quality at all times.

Diesel Now Systems are available for Purchase, Lease or Hire throughout Australia, New Zealand and S/E Asia.

Your Risk Management Plan may benefit from our Services;
Site Evaluations - existing systems, tanks, pipes, flow diagrams
Sample Collection - from various depths in tanks
Sample Analysis - visual or independent laboratory kits
Obligation Free Consultations - subject to location logistics, our initial site and system evaluation is an obligation free service we provide.


Richard Baldwin is available for Public Speaking engagements. Presentations can be prepared and presented on any technical aspect of Diesel Fuel Maintenance.

Create a specific presentation to suit your next Sales Meeting or In-house Conference.

Contact Richard for an obligation free consultation.


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