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Radar System - Air Navigation

A network of radar facilities across Australia provides safe navigation to aircraft at all times. It is essential that these facilities are regularly updated with the latest technology and fully maintained 24/7/365.

A reliable standby power generator with a diesel storage tank is a critical aspect of these facilities, should an extended power outage occur.

To ensure that the stored diesel fuel is always clean and dry for use in an emergency a new automatic Diesel Fuel Maintenance Systems was installed. This system was plumbed directly into the diesel storage tank in a "stand alone" configuration.

The DN-15 system can be programmed to operate automatically, as and when required, without the presence of an operator. This is important for remote, unmanned sites.

The filter system removes all particles larger than 2 microns and free water to 99.9%. The four sensors and alarms; Water Detection; Filter Blocked; Motor Overload; Leak Detection will pause the system and alert maintenance personal.

For a small 2,000 Litre diesel storage tank the system only needs to operate for a few hours/week.


Medical Research Facility

Australian BioResources (ABR) are continually looking for ways to improve their high quality secure facility that houses an increasing number and variety of genetically modified mice. These colonies are critical for progress in modern medical research across all health priority areas; including cancer, mental illness, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

The facility, in regional NSW, provides a very high quality and secure environment for the animals, with minimal environmental impact and low operating costs. The animals are housed in rooms with standardised temperature, humidity and light cycle.

A sophisticated Building Maintenance System monitors conditions 24 hours a day and is able to pinpoint equipment failures and systems aspects that may need attention.

To ensure that the Emergency Power Supply is always available, 24/7, a fully automatic Diesel Fuel Maintenance System has been installed on the bulk Diesel Tank.

This system, supplied by Diesel Now P/L, can be programmed to operate at specified times ensuring that the stored Diesel Fuel is kept clean and dry - ready for use at any time.

The system includes several alarms and sensors that alert an operator/manager should there be a need to change out filters, or drain off separated water.


Data Processing Security Installation.

A large Data Processing organisation is located across 5 floors of a 32 story commercial building in the center of the city. Its operations were considered to be "Mission Critical" and should a major (or extended) power failure occur it was essential that back up power supply be available immediately and reliably.

A large Diesel Generator (1.5MW) was installed in a ground floor maintenance room, together with a 15,000 Litre Diesel Fuel Storage Tank. To maintain 100% security and assurance that diesel fuel is always (24/7) in clean, dry condition an FTI Automatic Diesel Fuel Maintenance System has been installed.

The FTI automatic maintenance system monitors several functions and standard alarms both audible and visual on the PLC interface.

The Pump system includes motor overload and high pressure alarms. The 1, 3 and 10 micron Filters include alarms for when they become blocked and exhibit high vacuum. There are additional alarms for loss of flow and the cabinet has an alarm for water or fuel leaks.

These Alarms are sent to a remote control station by a ModBus system.

fti28_controls_ large


A large regional Hospital was unsure of the quality of their stored diesel fuel.The underground bulk tank (5,000 Litres) was installed many years ago and currently supplies three Emergency Power Generators.

Although the stored Diesel had been "checked and serviced" in the past and samples gathered from near the top of the tank appeared clear and OK, there were no detailed reports or analyses to assist our evaluation.

Consequently, the true condition of the Diesel near the bottom of the tank was unknown

Diesel Now was asked to collect samples from the very bottom of the tank and assess if there was any contamination and, if so, to what extent.

The only easy access was through the Dip Point and a Bacon Bomb Sampler (BB-4) was quickly and easily employed to collect the samples.

Immediate (visual) evaluation showed that there was approx. 50 - 100mm of very dirty water and sludge on the bottom, plus a larger layer of discolored Diesel Fuel - most likely containing biological matter.

Our Portable Filter, model PF-3, was then used to extract and dispose of approx. 150-200 litres of the badly contaminated Water/Diesel. The same Portable System was then used to "recycle" the remaining slightly cloudy Diesel. After around 5 hours of "polishing" the remaining Diesel Fuel was considered clean, clear and safe to use.

The management and engineers can now rest assured that their Diesel Fuel is safe and clean, at all times.

Future options are now to regularly employ the use of a Portable Filter System (PF-3) or to permanently install an automatic Diesel Maintenance System (DN-15).


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