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The most economical and efficient way to remove contaminants in stored Diesel Fuel is with a proven Diesel Now Fuel Maintenance System

Portable Systems - Determine, Remove, Filter.

Our range of "Portable" equipment is suitable for use in any site location, including remote, restricted or difficult access. The core piece of equipment is the PF-3 system and the predominant purpose is for cleaning up dirty, contaminated Diesel Fuel.

The location, access and operational aspects of each stored diesel facility will determine which product or system is best suited to clean your Diesel Fuel.

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Portable Filter - PF-3

A Multi Function filter that can be operated in several ways to efficiently remove most contaminants from dirty diesel fuel, with options to incorporate other coalescing or bag type filters.

Sampler (Bacon Bomb) - BB-4

Simple but effective tool enabling easily collection of pure samples of contaminated diesel from the very bottom of a bulk tank, or at various depths in the tank.

Automatic Systems - Maintain

If your diesel fuel in bulk storage tanks is relatively new and checked regularly, then you can easily and economically retro-fit an automatic maintenance system so that the diesel will be gently recycled and filtered at pre-programed intervals without any operator involvement.

To protect your valuable assets, an automatic diesel fuel maintenance system should be an essential part of every Risk Management Plan.

There are four basic sizes for treating bulk storage tanks, from 2,000 Litres up to 50,000 Litres capacity. All systems include fully programmable PLC controllers and alarms and sensors to alert operators of any aspect that may require attention.


Suitable to treat single tanks up to 50,000 litres.


Suitable to treat multiple tanks up to 50,000 litres each.


When the lights go out....it's too late to clean your fuel"

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