Bacon Bomb - Fuel Sampler BB-4 from Diesel Now

Also called: Sample Thief, Sample Grabber, Sample Collector, Fuel Sampler, Pencil Sampler, etc.

The Diesel Now "Pencil" type Fuel Sampler offers an easy and quick way to collect samples from all storage tanks.

It is specifically designed for obtaining samples of Diesel Fuel, or other petroleum products, from the very bottom of storage tanks, tank cars, drums and other bulk storage containers.

When the Fuel Sampler strikes the bottom of the tank, a plunger assembly opens to admit the fuel sample. The plunger closes again when the sampler is withdrawn forming a tight seal.

Samples are obtained from less than 10mm off the bottom of tank.

Extension rods may be added for obtaining samples at other levels (up to 100 mm) off the bottom.
Samples may also be taken from any depth using a secondary trip line.

The Diesel Now "Pencil" type Fuel Sampler is ideal for collecting samples through small diameter pipes and openings. (to 50mm diameter).

"Bacon Bombs" are robust and long lasting, while being attractive and lightweight.


 Dimensions  30mm dia. x 340mm long.
 Sample Size  approx. 110-120 ml.
 Materials  Standard "Pencil" type Fuel Samplers are made from plated steel with Viton "O" Ring.
 Chain 5m stainless steel cable


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