PF-3 Portable Filter System from Diesel Now

New Multi-Function Portable Filter System

Diesel Now P/L has redesigned the PF-3 system to perform several unique operations relating to the clean up and maintenance of bulk diesel storage tanks.

The Diesel Now approach is a “Four-Step Treatment"

1. Confirm the type and amount of contaminants on bottom of tank.
2. Remove and dispose of the bulk contaminants.
3. Filter out most of the remaining “finer” contaminants.
4. Polish the Diesel Fuel until clear and clean.

1. Confirm Contaminants

We recommend using a Bacon Bomb Sample Grabber BB-4 to collect several samples from various depths off the bottom. These samples can be left with customer, or photographed for inclusion in a report. If unsure, independent laboratory analyses can be carried out.

2. Remove Bulk Contaminants

If there is considerable contamination (free water, sludge, biological gels, other growth) these are best sucked out using the Portable Filter PF-3 and discharged directly into a container for disposal.

3. Filter Finer Contaminants

The remaining contaminants could be dispersed water droplets, fine silt or rust, gels or sludge. If mostly solids or particles the diesel can be passed through a Stainless Steel Bag Filter PFV-2 then back into the tank. Various micron rated bags are available. If finely dispersed water droplets are still present, they need to be removed by the Spin-On water absorbing Filter Elements on the Portable Filter PF-3. Various micron rated filter elements are available.

4. Polish Diesel Fuel

Once the diesel fuel is relatively clean of most contaminants it needs to be recycled for several hours to attain the optimum quality using a PF-3 Portable Filter. This “polishing” work should be maintained on a regular basis, depending on the local conditions (humidity, dust, additives).

Benefits of the PF-3 Portable Filter

* The PF-3 can be held in your warehouse and used on many different tanks and sites on a planned maintenance basis.
* All hoses are 25mm diameter, clear, wire spiral, suction type.
* Hose lengths and types of filters can be modified to suit specific applications.
* Power Supply is 240 VAC, single phase, 10-amps
* Pump is self-priming to 3 metres. A priming port is included for depths of more than 3 m
* All fittings and Camloks are 316 stainless steel.
* No-Flat trolley tires can be added.

PF-3 Specifications
Dimensions 55cm (W) x 60cm (D) x 120cm (H)
Shipping Weight 35 Kg
Motor 240 VAC, 2.4 amp, 50 Hz, single phase, 0.37 Kw
Pump Vane self priming, 60 L/min., IP-54, 25mm BSP ports
Switch Waterproof ON/OFF with 4m lead & plug
Filters 2 x "Fleet-guard" Spin-On, (1 x Particulate, 1 x water absorbing)
Hoses 25mm Clear, wire spiral, 4m Suction and 4m Delivery
Valves 4 x quarter turn, stainless steel, 25mm ball valves for multi functions
Fittings 25mm stainless steel Camloks fittings and caps/plugs
Tank Entry Size (min.) 50mm diameter
Trolley Powder coated steel, with "No-Flay" or Pneumatic Tyres
Mounting Plate Aluminium plate with hose brackets and drip tray.

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